Love, Elegantlık...

Turkey’s Perfume LELAS was founded in 2014 and proudly represents our country in the perfume field with the Motto of Tap Your Scent

LELAS, which takes its name from the mythological power of the LILAC flower and the beauty elixir, is founded on the foundations of love, passion, attractiveness, and elegance. Constantly increasing R&D investments, the most famous fragrance experts in the field, and world-renowned perfumers, all of our perfumes have been created according to the phenomenon of excellence to the fine detail of our perfumes. LELAS, which opened its first sales store in 2014, reflected its elegant stance and importance to quality in-store design. It has opened its luxury and elegant store design to all segments of society with its economical and reach knowledge concept.

Taking our vision from the Power of Turkey, we will continue to work non-stop, to produce added value for our country, and to introduce the scents of our country to the whole world with our more than 200 stores and 500 employees in 22 countries. Touch Your Scent with Lelas!


With its Historical Collection, it offered excellent perfumes to cult works that host world heritage.

LELAS, who admired perfume lovers with the Fur Collection, created the most special nish perfumes from its colorful fur bottles.

By thinking outside the line in bottle design with the Art Collection, he fit the most specific fragrances into a perfume bottle.

He presented excellent perfumes to cult works home to world heritage with his Historical Collection.

With the Prive Collection, elegancy is my philosophy of life, the most exclusive perfume collections have been produced for those who say elegancy is my philosophy of life. With the Prime Collection, 400 different perfumes were produced with the motto that every person should have a perfume. We combined the synthesis of east and west with our Ud, incense, and Tula perfume models, on the roof of Lelas.