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Grand Epic Road – Eau de Parfum

2,000.00 Inc. Vat
Discover the allure of Grand Epic Road Perfume by LELAS, a unisex fragrance embodying elegance and luxury. Elevate your senses with this timeless masterpiece from the GRAND collection.

Grand Heart – Eau de Parfum

2,000.00 Inc. Vat
Immerse in the allure of GRAND HEART Perfume by LELAS. A unisex masterpiece from the GRAND collection, evoking passion and elegance. Experience the symphony of scents.

Grand Soul – Eau de Parfum

2,000.00 Inc. Vat
Embark on an olfactory journey with "Grand SOUL Perfume" by LELAS. A unisex masterpiece, a symphony of scents from the esteemed GRAND collection. Indulge in captivating allure and sophistication.