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Berry Reed – Diffuser

250.00 Inc. Vat
Invigorate Your Senses with "Lemon Eau de Cologne" by Lelas. Discover the refreshing essence of zesty lemon in every spritz. A masterpiece from Lelas' esteemed "Cologne" collection.

Flowery – Diffuser

250.00 Inc. Vat
Elevate your space with Lelas' "Flowery" Fragrance Diffuser. Infused with blooming flower aroma, this masterpiece from the "Air Freshener" collection brings nature's beauty into your home.

Peach Reed – Diffuser

250.00 Inc. Vat
Elevate Your Space with the "Peach Reed" Fragrance Diffuser by Lelas. Transform your surroundings into a haven of tranquility with this exquisite diffuser from Lelas' esteemed "Air Freshener" collection.

Rainy – Diffuser

250.00 Inc. Vat
Unwind with the "Rainy" Fragrance Diffuser by Lelas. Transport yourself to a serene rainy day ambiance. A masterpiece from the "Air Freshener" collection, encapsulating rain-kissed tranquility.

Yagmur – Car Freshner

125.00 Inc. Vat
Elevate drives with Lelas' "YAGMUR" Car Freshener. From the "Car Freshener" collection, it transforms your car into a tranquil oasis. Experience invigorating fragrance and soothing rain-inspired ambiance.