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Absolutely Charming – Eau de Parfum

490.00 Inc. Vat
Discover the enchantment of 'ABSOLUTELY CHARMING' Perfume by Lelas. Crafted for all genders, it graces the exclusive 'Prive Perfumes' collection. A 55 ml bottle invites you to embrace charm.

Adorable – Eau de Parfum

295.00 Inc. Vat
Emanating irresistible charm, this men's perfume entices with anise, grapefruit, and raspberry notes, creating a truly captivating allure.

Amber – Eau de Parfum

1,550.00 Inc. Vat
Introducing AMBER Perfume by Lelas: a FUR perfume for transcendent luxury. Elevate your presence with this opulent unisex fragrance, embodying sophistication and allure.

Amber – Oud

1,200.00 Inc. Vat
Introducing the enchanting "Amber – Oud" Incense by LELAS, a masterpiece within the prestigious LELAS brand's Incense Collection. This exquisite creation comes in a convenient 35-gram package, ensuring you have an ample supply of this aromatic treasure.

Amethyst – Eau de Parfum

295.00 Inc. Vat
Experience the enchanting allure of LELAS' Amethyst Perfume, a radiant gem in the world of women's fragrances. Part of the prestigious Prime Perfumes Collection, this exquisite scent captures the essence of sophistication and femininity in a 55 ml bottle.

Anamaria Black – Eau de Parfum

1,400.00 Inc. Vat
Experience ANAMARIA PRODAN Black by LELAS. An enchanting fragrance in the ARTISTRY collection, embodying power and sophistication for the modern man. Elevate your essence.

Angel – Eau de Parfum

295.00 Inc. Vat
Experience ANGEL Eau De Parfum 55 ML for Men: Seductive blend of ginger, pepper, sage, and woods. Ideal for confident allure.

Arabian Nights – Eau de Parfum

1,400.00 Inc. Vat
Discover the enchanting "Arabian Nights" by LELAS, a masterpiece of men's perfumery. Crafted artistically, it evokes allure and emotion, painting a story of mystique and masculinity. This treasure from the ARTISTRY collection.

Artistic – Eau de Parfum

490.00 Inc. Vat
Unveil Lelas' "Artistic" Perfume: A symphony of elegance. Discover a masterpiece designed for all genders, part of the "Prive Perfumes" collection. A harmonious blend of creativity and allure.

Ashtar – Eau de Parfum

490.00 Inc. Vat
Introducing the captivating 'ASHTAR' Perfume from Lelas. A harmonious blend in the esteemed 'Prive Perfumes' collection. Floral elegance, warm cinnamon, earthy patchouli, and vibrant ginger create a unique allure.

Awesome – Eau de Parfum

295.00 Inc. Vat
Experience pure magnificence with "AWESOME Perfume" by Lelas. A part of the distinguished "Prime perfume" collection, it embodies grandeur and sophistication.

Babylon – Eau de Parfum

1,280.00 Inc. Vat
Dive into the allure of "BABYLON Perfume" by LELAS. A unisex masterpiece from the captivating "VOYAGE" collection, echoing the enchantment of an ancient world.